Welcome to the world of Automated Visual testing

I want the site to be tested on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and yes, even IE 11. To add, the site should be responsive and should support mobile and tablet resolutions too. How often do you see this being listed in a Test plan? Almost, all the websites need to supported on multiple browsers and devices, right? Just imagine the manual effort required here. To add, the site is multi-linguistic. Wow, that just doubled all your manual efforts! How about if we automated the visual regression tests too, just the way functional regression tests are? Sounds great, isn't it?

Once you agree with the above paragraph, allow me to explain the concept of automated Visual regression testing, how the visual tools work in general, the concepts around it and the benefits of using them, along with the challenges faced during actual implementation of the tests. There are a couple of tools available in the market, using which you can directly get started with automating your visual tests too.

Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Why is automated Visual regression testing needed?
    1. Difficult to spot
    2. Time consuming
    3. Support for responsive tests
    4. Repetitive task
  2. How does it work?
    1. Capture screen-shots
    2. Create baselines
    3. Comparison
    4. Generate output
  3. Introduction to Wraith tool
    1. Installation
    2. Testing modes
    3. Demonstration using Wraith tool
  4. Brush through Advanced concepts
    1. Test interactive content
    2. Support for various actual browsers and devices
    3. Continuous Integration
    4. Who should use it?

Learning Outcome

Come, participate and learn about:

  • Need for automated Visual regression tests
  • How do these tools function in common
  • Various tools available in the market
  • How to get started with the tests using Wraith
  • Advanced stuff on how to handle interactive content