Virtual Reality in WEB !

Putting yourself altogether in a different world where, you are not present physically but still you can look around and feel your presence over there is what VR enables us to do.

Its like tricking our eyes and brain to think of a 2D image to be in 3D. VR is good for spatial understanding. VR is good for multitasking. It is good for simulation as well. Bringing/building this experience via web is what WebVR enables us to do. Its an open specification that makes it possible to experience VR in web browsers and it is first tried and developed by Mozilla. The WebVR provides API which is useful in creating web application to present content in virtual reality.

This talk will be focussed on the following:

  1. Understanding of VR & WebVR

  2. Tool chain & debugging around WebVR

  3. Frameworks around WebVR

  4. Do’s and Don’ts while designing/planning for WebVR application

  5. Discuss the possibilities for Drupal & VR

  6. Demonstrate the basics of VR in Drupal using module

  7. Who uses it & what’s the future of WebVR