Scroll through the Mind of a 21st-century User

Usability sounds like a fancy term, but what exactly does it mean? How it relates to the user needs and measures the success of a Web Solution.

I'll be coming with all these Answers and more for the attendees and will be discussing - the USABILITY and how its related to Common Sense with some Real World Examples. 


  • Usability = Useful + Delightful + Obvious + Effective + Efficient + Organised
  • Through the Eyes of a User (How we really use the web)
  • The most basic stuff missed while developing Web Solutions.
  • How modern Users traverse through a website.
  • A user is always in a HURRY..!! 
  • Use of Street signing.
  • Why do some Websites/Applications fail?
  • How a User is afraid of changes.
  • Our Users are faithful beings until we frustrate them
  • Elements of a successful Homepage.
  • The Smartphone Usability.
  • Traditional Testing vs Do it yourself Testing.


  • We need Self Evident Websites.
  • Uses of Street signing.
  • Designing for Scanning, not reading.
  • Creating Effective visual Hierarchies.
  • Nothing should be more than 3-4 clicks away.
  • Making better Search Sections
  • Tabs are our best friends


  • No such prescribed pre-requisites for this session.
  • This session invites all, who believe in better Usability Solutions.


  • This session is designed to be an eye-opener towards usability.
  • Basic rules of usability.
  • Myths about usability will be unraveled.
  • You'll know how to uncomplicate things in your current/upcoming website.
  • You'll not require a Usability Consultant for your web solution.