REST API Concepts In PHP

Overview: We all know that Rest API is very commonly used to create APIs for web-based applications. RESTful web services are lightweight, highly scalable and maintainable.

What all things we will cover in this session

  1. Introduction to Rest API
  2. What are the HTTP methods and  HTTP methods supported by REST API
  3. How to create a  Rest API in PHP
  4. REST API CRUD using PHP

  5. RESTful Web Service to Search in database

  6.  Demo on how to work with REST API  and how to use POSTMAN tool for the ease of use

What will you get from the session?

 You will learn about the key areas of REST API and will be able to Implement the concept in PHP.

The session will also help in the basic understanding  of client and server request from third party's

Expected Audience: All D7, D8, PHP developer, who wants to learn about the core concept of REST API.

Speaker: Pavan BS (