Quickstart drupal development & continuous integration.

Drupal Engineers usually face challenges related to the following :

1. Quick local Drupal development setup.

2. Add modules and manage dependencies.

3. Quickly update Drupal core when there are crucial updates.

4. A collaborative development environment.

5. Pre-commit hooks for linting and local testing.

6. Quick deployment of code to live environment.

We will learn about how we can tackle these challenges by leveraging some amazing tools viz, Lando, Docker, Composer, Git hooks, Gitlab-CI, and how to utilize their power to the maximum by developing better workflows using them.

This session is for anyone who is interested in learning more about DevOps for their new/existing Drupal adventures.

Key Takeaways :

The attendees will learn how to tackle the most common challenges listed above and leave with a mindset of simplifying, updating and automating their Drupal development experience so they spend more of their valuable time doing what they do best -> Developing awesome web experiences with Drupal! and less with DevOps.