Pattern Lab integration with Drupal live demo

Drupal 8 has introduced the several changes and one of the major change is the transition to the Twig templating engine. It provides us the opportunity to integrate the several new frontend tools in the theming like pattern lab framework. Pattern Lab is a static site generator which helps us to build templates based on the atomic design principles and works well with the twig and the dynamic data. It empowers the frontend developers to provide the more control on the markup.
In this session, we will show the live demo to integrate pattern lab with Drupal as most of the people are confused how to integrate pattern with Drupal. So in this demo, we will create a small atom in pattern lab and then use that component in our Drupal site.

In this session, you will get to know-
1) What is pattern lab and how to integrate it into the Drupal8
2) Challenges we can face while implementing the pattern lab
3) how to create the components using pattern lab in twig
4) Live demo of implementing the pattern lab into the project.