Package your solution using Drupal Distributions

Prerequisite for attendees

  • Attendees should have intermediate-to-advanced knowledge of site building and module development in Drupal 8.

Session Details/Overview

Time is precious. Setting up a new power packed featured Drupal website can be a daunting task, especially when you are on a tight deadline. In this session, we will discuss the powerful Drupal distributions or installation profiles. We will cover how distributions can reduce the development hours by giving you a head-start for your project.

We will cover the topics around building a distribution:

  •   What is a Distribution or Installation Profile
  •   What can be packaged inside a Distro
  •   How it is beneficial as a starting point
  •   When do we need to think about architecting an installation profile
  •   Popular Distributions present in the market

Lastly, we will give a brief DEMO of creating a basic installation profile using Drupal 8

Key takeaways

Attendees will have a good understanding of Drupal distributions, their practical usage in a real-life problem and how glorious Drupal distros are to be used for projects.