Multiligual site with auto-translation feature in Drupal 8


We all know Drupal 8 provide multilingual feature. But, we all want to know if we have any auto translation feature in Drupal. This session is all about, Multilingual site implementation and integrate Google translate API in Drupal for auto-translation.

What all things we will cover in this session

- Multilingual concept

- Type of implementation in Multilingual site

- Type of translation available

- How to translate content manually

- How to get auto-translated entity using API

- Source code overview

- Demo on how to auto translated content.

What will you get from the session?

You will learn about the key areas of multilingual feature and how can we leverage Google translation API to provide auto-translation feature Drupal 8.

Expected Audience

Those who wants to know multilingual functionality in Drupal 8