Make sure your Drupal site conforms to the Government norms - Make your site accessible to ALL using Accessibility Testing

Why Accessibility Testing Matters   

With each passing day, the web is assuming greater significance in our lives, be it e-commerce, e-payments, Internet banking, e-paper, social media, etc. So it becomes important to make available all electronic and information technology tools to everyone, especially for people with some kind of disabilities.

Web Accessibility testing ensures that individuals with disabilities will be able to use the system. Accessibility Testing helps to comply with legal obligations and make products usable across millions of people who have one or multiple forms of disabilities.

Web Accessibility Guidelines

Web Accessibility Guidelines are a set of defined rules to make web contents accessible to people with disabilities. There are number of guidelines defined by different countries. Section 508 and WCAG guidelines are popular accessibility standard guidelines in use today.

1. Section 508- Section 508 is the accessibility standard defined by the US government, to make sure that all US government websites can be accessed by people with disabilities. As per section 508 guidelines all electronic and information technology should be accessible to disabled users.

2. WCAG- Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG define the standards for accessibility for individuals, organizations and governments worldwide. WCAG 2.0 has been accepted as an International Standards Organization (ISO) standard, and many countries have adopted WCAG 2.0 as their legal standard for web accessibility. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines: Includes both WCAG1.0 and WCAG2.0 specifications.

Which Disabilities Are Supported?

When accessibility testing is done properly, it’s with a very wide range of disabilities in mind. Your digital technology shouldn’t discriminate against people with disabilities, but neither should it discriminate betweendifferent disabilities.

In other words, your website can’t just be accessible to people with low vision while ignoring the needs of people who can’t hear speech. And keep in mind, too, that many people have multiple disabilities. Examples of the disabilities supported by accessibility testing include:

  • blindness and limited vision

  • deafness and other hearing disabilities

  • deafblindness

  • epilepsy

  • dyslexia

  • motor disabilities from conditions like spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy

Your website, app or video should reasonably accommodate as many kinds of users as possible: people with different types of disabilities, but also people who may have different ages, interests and computer skills.

Appropriate and thorough accessibility testing will ensure that your digital technology gives all users a quality experience.

Web Accessibility Testing Tools:

  • JAWS
  • WAVE
  • AChecker
  • AATT (Automated Accessibility Testing Tool)
  • A11Ym

Learning Outcome:

  • Site is accessible to everyone
  • Start using web accessibility tool
  • Understand the different standards (A, AA, AAA)
  • WCAG

Speaking Experience:

  • Delivered session at DrupalCamp Mumbai, Drupal Camp Pune
  • Got session selected at DrupalCon Nashville
  • Delivered session twice at Unicom Conference
  • Delivered session at Selenium Summit 2018