How to use CSS Grids today in the real world

CSS grids is the new exciting feature in CSS which become the part of CSS since flexbox. It allows the developers to build complex designis easily without using any hacks.
One of its powerful ability is : 2-dimensional system. Using this ability it can handle both rows and columns at the same time unlike flexbox which is a one dimensional system.
It also enables us to use the available space without the need of media queries.

In the session you will learn:

  1. What CSS Grids is. And What can we achieve with it.
  2. How can we build complex design with minimal code? (Including a working demo)
  3. Minimal use of media queries as we have grids now.
  4. Compatibity of Grids across the browsers. 


I will show you the best feasible way to tackle design problems with CSS grids.
Most part of the session would be live demo and examples.