Headless Drupal using Phalcon

Want to share my experience implementing a headless drupal site for a large Newspaper site using phalcon. This implementation use drupal with multiple instances with a shared codebase as a backend and phalcon as a frontend.

The architecture includes a Mongo database or MySQL from which Phalcon accesses content. Drupal pushes content to this Mongo Database or MySQL using a custom module. Implementation of Phalcon is a good learning and approaches are similar to Drupal 8. I will introduce you to

Basics of phalcon, how to integrate with Drupal and how to implement a multi site setup in Drupal. My blog on Multisite setup in Phalcon introduces the same. Please checkout the same at: http://www.unimitysolutions.com/blog/multiple-site-setup-phalcon


The session covers:

  1. Drupal to MongoDB or MySQL integration

  2. Why use Phalcon as  frontend?

  3. Features of Phalcon

  4. Where we used phalcon?

  5. Diagrammatic representation of drupal to mongo and mongo to phalcon integration

  6. Phalcon Basics

  7. Connection about mongodb to phalcon

  8. Multi Site setup with phalcon