E-commerce framework with Drupal commerce 2.x and commerce Point of Sale (POS)


Drupal Commerce is the leading flexible eCommerce solution for Drupal, powering over 50,000 online stores of all sizes.

Commerce 2.x: At its core, Commerce is a set of Drupal 8 modules, which in turn depend on other best-of-breed modules and libraries.

Commerce POS provides a Point of Sale interface for Drupal Commerce, allowing in-person transactions via cash or card, returns, multiple registers and locations and EOD reporting, along with the ability to add or remove unique cashiers easily.

This Session provides an overview of the Commerce 2.x module with Commerce Point of Sale (POS) for Drupal 8.

We will walk you through major points which are essential for setting up the platform with Drupal commerce 2.x and Commerce POS:

  • Installation and updates Drupal Commerce 2.x

  • Key Features Commerce 2.x

    • Currencies

    • Multiple Stores

    • Order workflows

    • Payments

    • Taxes

  • Setting up your store

  • Products, Orders, Promotions, and Taxes

  • Payment gateways

  • Installation Commerce POS

  • Commerce POS configurations

    • Currency Denominations

    • POS

    • Register

    • Receipt configurations

  • Commerce POS interface

    • Open register

    • Order creation

    • Parked orders

    • Order Lookup

    • Close register

  • Cashier EOD Reports

  • Print Labels

  • We will be running through a demo using composer to install commerce 2.x and Commerce Point of Sale. After that will show the store, product, promotion creation along with commerce POS interface.

Who should attend this

Drupal Site-Builders

Drupal Back-End Developers

Take away from the session:

The efficient way of managing drupal commerce 2.x and Commerce POS