Drupal Console: The Drupal CLI

Drupal Console is a new Command Line Interface (CLI) for Drupal, built specifically for Drupal 8 (based on the Symfony Console component). In many ways, the Drupal Console is similar to Drush. You can use it to rebuild caches, connect to databases and install modules. Unlike Drush, Drupal Console can also be used to generate module files' boilerplate code out of the box with no other modules needed. This saves you a lot of time - giving you more time to focus on the business logic of your module. 

Drupal CLI is a tool easy to use for everyone, from developers currently using Drupal 8 and those who are planning to learn.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What is the Drupal Console
  • Why use Drupal Console
  • How to install
  • Drupal Console Examples