Drupal 8 Plugin API

Session Title: Drupal 8 Plugin API

Overview: We all know Drupal 8 introduced many new APIs. The Plugins API is used to extend Drupal and add new functionality, and allow modules to define new plugin types. The following Topics will be covered during sessions.

  • What all things we need to know before creating Plugin
    • Plugin Types
    • Plugin Discovery
    • Plugin Factory
  • When to use Plugin or Service?
  • Plugins vs. Info Hooks
  • Example of pluggable components
  • Plugin discovery types
    • StaticDiscovery
    • HookDiscovery
    • AnnotatedClassDiscovery
    • YamlDiscovery
  • How to create your own Plugin Manager?

Will be doing demo along with the presentation.

Expected Audience: All D7 developers moving or planning or starting with Drupal 8. Intermediate D8 developers.

What you learn or take away? How to create your own Plugin Manager.

Speakers: Manoj K (https://www.drupal.org/u/manojapare) is Drupal Devs, D8 contributors, speakers in Drupal meetups, Camps.