Develop and test accessible web experiences

Can you read this description clearly?

If Yes, Then you are fortunate than the 285 million Visually Impaired (WHO) people around the globe. Also 15% of the world population i.e ~1B people (WB) are Disabled / Differently abled in some way.

Accessibility is not just about helping disabled people. It’s about making the web more inclusive and enabling people around the globe with different abilities to access web content with greater ease. Accessible websites not only yield good SEO reports but also avoid potential lawsuits. Hence, making websites accessible is beneficial in every way!

Outline/Structure of Session

  • Accessibility - A brief overview.

  • Understanding accessibility standards and success criterias

  • Creating WCAG compliant web experiences.

  • Thinking by putting yourselves in the place of disabled people.

  • Testing your website for accessibility issues.

  • Fixing very common accessibility issues.

  • Available Tools in market for Accessibility testing

  • Live Demo of automated accessibility tool - The A11y Machine

    • Installation and configuration

    • Accessibility Test Execution

    • Report Generation and Analysis

Key takeaways

  1. How important it is to develop using the accessibility first approach and having empathy for the differently abled people.

  2. Tackling most common accessibility issues head-on with real-world examples and use cases.

  3. Understanding accessibility standards and success criterias

  4. Kickstart to automated accessibility tests