Develop and Deploy using Acquia BLT.

Looking for a tool that reduces project setup time and implement Automated Testing, Continuous Integration & Deployment ?
Acquia BLT does exactly the same :

  • Easily implement Automated Testing, Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Reduces project setup time and developer onboarding time
  • Improves the quality of your sites through enforcement of best practices


Some of the key features include :

  • Git Hooks - prevent invalid code from ever being committed!
  • Testing Framework - out of the box Behat & PHPUnit testing!
  • Commands for common project tasks:
  • Executing tests and validating code
  • (Re)building and patching dependencies
  • (Re)installation of Drupal
  • (Re)building front end assets (e.g., CSS compilation)
  • Production-safe artifact generation and deployment
  • Syncing local development environments with upstream environments
  • Continuous Integration - Out of the box Travis CI integration!


In our talk, we will be covering the following :

  • Acquia BLT, local Drupal setup 
  • Deployment (Composer based workflow , Dependency Management, Deploy on Acquia Instance)
  • Test Cases (Behat/PHPUnit)
  • Acquia cloud hooks