Decoupled Drupal using JSON API & AngularJS

Prerequisite for attendees

  • Basic knowledge on Drupal8
  • Basic Knowledge of REST APIs
  • Angular Knowledge is good to have.

Session Details/Overview

Since the time when the term "Decoupled Drupal" was tossed Drupal fanatics went gaga over it. Now that REST is included in the core of Drupal 8,it has helped site builder and developer to use Drupal as a data source with an out of the box solution. But, even the REST module have a learning curve.Even tough it is easy to build APIs using views or even using Rest plugins it becomes difficult to manage these APIs when there are multiple consumers.To keep up with the pace of everchanging request of API change versionin of the APIs are pretty difficult as well.

In comes JSON API:

JSON API is a specification for building APIs in JSON and can be used to serve contents from a Drupal source to multiple consumers without bothering much about the result. All we need to take care of is the data structure in Drupal.

The session covers:

  •    What is JSON API.
  •    How to use JSON API with Drupal 8.
  •    What benefits JSON API provides over core REST modules.
  •    A small demo of using JSON API to build an Angular app.


Key takeaways

  • Attendees will have an understanding of JSON API.
  • How to use the JSON API in real world.