Core Strength - Drupal 8 Restful Web Services

Drupal 8 providing restful web services support in core. But being a techie or a nontechie its bit confusing to set up and use restful services. Security and reliability is also a main concern in using restful web services.

In last few year technology takes a swift, Many frontend technologies are grappling the IT industry and several other reasons gives a hard push to change in architectural implementation. Now decoupled system or can say independent system layers are frequently getting used where services, microservices are playing a major role.  Service-oriented architecture is the need for giving a flawless web experience.

    So Drupal can play a big role in a backend technology as well as front-end technology. As a backend solution Restful web services module provide a robust and secure solution. It's secure, easy and scalable. Each and every entity can be exposed and can have different permission-based access which makes life very simpler.

    Prerequisites include :

    • Basic knowledge of rest services.
    • Intermediate level of knowledge in Drupal 8.

    At the end of this session you will get to know:

    • What restApi can do
    • How to setup Restful Sevices module
    • Authenticity & Security
    • Scalability and Control
    • Benefits of a backend system Drupal 8