Contenta CMS - The Content Friendly API Distribution

Prerequisite for attendees :

Attendees having a very basic know how about headless architecture.

Session Details/Overview :

Contenta is a Drupal distribution that gives you modern API capabilities out-of-the box with JSON API, which amongst other features allows you to fetch nested resources in one request, and work-in-progress to include the similar GraphQL service. It’s ready to feed content to your JavaScript powered website, phone app, TV, or even the mythical fridge application.

Session Details :

  • What is Contenta CMS ?
  • Main Focuses and scopes.
  • Key Features which makes content happy.
  • 6 steps to success.
  • Difference between Reservior and Contenta CMS.
  • Unboxing / Demo

Key takeaways:

  • How to use Contenta CMS for your front-end site or application.
  • How Contenta helps us to use it as building block for decoupling Drupal