Content Access

Prerequisite for attendees

  • Basic Knowledge in Drupal

Session Details/Overview

Drupal Node access is flexible way to control access to the nodes for all four operation(view, create, edit, delete). It allows to define certain realms of functionality and a set of grants that are required for any of the four operations mentioned above, within that realm. Users will then need to posses the grants in the respective realms in order to be granted access. To control node access based on term associated to the node, some modules are there are tac_lite, taxonomy_access and also these modules have one drawback which will increase the node_access table size. All these modules will work in single angle. If user have permission to any one of the term associated to the node. The node will allow access. We got one requirement that node access should work AND condition across the vocabulary in the node. So, we have analysed about how the node access is working in core for 15 days and how should we write a code to do our requirement. Finally, we have created a module at the top of the drupal node access and also this will also reduce the node_access table size. Will share about the hooks related to the nodes grants system in drupal and my experience with node access and what are all difficulties we faced when we create a custom node access.

Session Topics: 

  • Introduction to content access
  • Node access table structure
  • Existing Node access modules
  • Hooks related to node access
  • how can build a custom access
  • How can alter the existing access

Key takeaways

  • Brief understanding how permissions handled for node in core.
  • How all content access modules are working.