Codeception - Modern PHP testing for everyone

The detailed overview of your session : 
Codeception is a multi-featured testing framework for PHP. It can handle unit, functional, and acceptance testing of web applications and it's powered by the already very popular PHPUnit testing framework.
Codeception allows us to test different kinds of user perspectives and site scenarios while they are visiting our app to ensure a pleasant user experience. By testing multiple scenarios, we can simulate a user's natural flow throughout our application to make sure the app is working as expecting. It is a modern full-stack testing framework for PHP. Inspired by BDD, it provides an absolutely new way of writing acceptance, functional and even unit tests. It is powered by PHPUnit.

Why Codeception :
Like all other units of code, web services need to be tested to ensure they work reliably for their users. Unit tests are great but don't provide end-to-end quality assurance. This session will cover using Codeception, which builds on PHPUnit to offer a feature-rich framework on which to create functional tests for your API. Configuration, creating test suites, using core modules, and building custom modules will all be covered. No previous knowledge of automated testing is required.

This session includes:
1. Introduction and Installation
2. Creation of simple suite - CEST and Cept
3. Framework Walkthrough
4. Execution and Report Generation (HTML Report generation)

Key takeaways for the audience :

  • Understanding the nuances of Codeception.
  • A quicker solution for PHP based sites
  • Live demo of Codeception
  • Separate reports of the test executed on different browser and OS
  • Kick start to codeception automation

Prior Speaking Experience:

  • Delivered session at DrupalCamp Mumbai, Drupal Camp Pune
  • Got session selected at DrupalCon Nashville
  • Delivered session twice at Unicom Conference
  • Delivered session at Selenium Summit 2018