Chunk your data - Batch, Cron & Queue

Session Title: Chunk your data - Batch, Cron & Queue

Overview: We all aware of batch, cron & queue in general web domain as well as in Drupal. Most of the time, we will be facing issues with batch & cron such as timeout & memory exhausted. In this session, we will be covering how we can completely avoid such issues.

  • What is Batch?

  • When to use Batch?

  • What is Cron?

  • When to use Cron?

  • What is Queue & Queue worker?

  • Batch Queue in D8

  • Cron & Cron Queue in D8

  • Demo on how we can use Batch Queue and Cron Queue.

Expected Audience:

All D7 & developers moving or planning or starting with Drupal 8. Intermediate D8 developers.


What you learn or take away?

Batch, Cron, Queue & Queue worker in Drupal 8



       The speaker is Drupal Devs, D8 contributors, speakers in Drupal meetups, Camps.

       Manoj K :