Automated Visual Testing to catch visual bugs before they hit production

Prerequisite for attendees

Basic idea about visual regression, headless browsers e.g. PhantomJS, and Curosity!


Session Details/Overview

It's true that sometimes we unwillingly break our own CSS with each development! So catching hold off these major or minor visual bugs with manual effort is difficult, and if the traces exists across multiple resolutions, then it becomes cumbersome.


To overcome this challenge, automated visual regression is vital so that QA team can focus on other potent areas instead of being involved in same repetitive tasks. After all, visual regression is as important as functional regression and boosts team's confidence before deployment.


Targeted Audience

Manual and Automation QAs, Developers, or any anyone who wants to learn how to do automated visual regression to save time and resources


This session includes

  • Why and What of Visual Regression Testing

  • Discuss about various visual regression tools available in market

  • Installation and configuration of Wraith Tool

  • Walkthrough of Wraith features

    • Setting up baselines

    • Testing modes with Wraith

    • Screenshot capture and comparison

    • Report Generation and Analysis

    • Handling web-page interactions

    • Generate test across various screen sizes

  • Live demo of Wraith


Key Takeaways for the audience

  • Understanding the need to create automated visual tests

  • Know about various visual tools in market

  • How to create automated visual test suites for various resolutions with Wraith

  • Kickstart to visual automated regression with no prior coding experience.