Automated validation of payload sent to the API using BrowserMob Proxy.

People perform API testing using POSTMAN, rest Assured, Soap UI etc. as well as UI testing and functional testing using Selenium WebDriver, HP QTP etc.

But, while integrating these two, The part where we test whether the correct payload is being sent to the called API is performed manually.

One possible improvement is to automate the entire process with the help of BrowserMob Proxy.

What will we cover?

  • Introduction to BrowserMob Proxy.
  • Capturing Performance Data of a web application.
  • Black-Listing and White-Listing certain URL patterns.
  • Writing captured Performance Data into the file in HAR Format.
  • parse the generated file using Jackson library.
  • Verifying the payload sent by the application is same as the data that is sent to the called API.
  • Implementation of BrowserMob proxy in a demo script.