Automate updating your Composer Dependencies using Violinist

What is violinist ?

Violinist is a service that continuosly keeps on updating the composer dependencies on your project automatically by creating pull requests on Github

Violinist creates the pull request of the update by itself. It reduces the effort of manually updating composer dependencies to a great extent. A manual updation would take effort of doing the following steps :

  • Run “composer update package-name”  command to update the package.
  • git checkout -b fix/update-package.
  • git commit composer.lock -m “Update vendor/package”
  • git push origin fix/update-package
  • Open a pull request,
  • Wait for test to pass.

In this talk, we will cover the following :

  • How to integrate a Drupal 8 project added on Github with Violinist Bot.
  • Examining changelog of the pull requests added by the bot to update composer packages. 

Demo presentation :

More information at :