20 cool features that is in PHP 7, we missed in PHP 5. Let walkthrough with this Drupal.

Prerequisite for attendees

Basic knowledge of Drupal 7,PHP 5 & site building experience with Drupal 8

Session Details/Overview

In this 30 minute session you will learn newest feature of PHP 7 over PHP 5 which is included in Drupal 8.

So here's an introduction to 20 new awesome features that will be exciting when you use Drupal 8 after using Drupal 7 or 6.

Key points to discuss:

  1. Scalar type declarations
  2. Return type declarations
  3. Null coalescing operator
  4. Spaceship operator
  5. Constant arrays using define()
  6. Anonymous classes
  7. Unicode codepoint escape syntax
  8. Closure::call()
  9. Filtered unserialize()
  10. IntlChar
  11. Expectations
  12. Group use declarations
  13. Generator delegation
  14. Generator Return Expressions
  15. Integer division with intdiv()
  16. Session options
  17. Newly intrduce preg_replace_callback_array()
  18. CSPRNG Functions
  19. list() implements ArrayAccess
  20. Class member access on cloning

Key takeaways

At the end of this sessions user will know about:

  • What are the new key features introduced or included in PHP 7 with Drupal 8