Announcing DrupalCamp Mumbai 2018

We had our first Drupal Camp Mumbai in 2011 when Dries was visiting Mumbai. Since then we started this culture of celebrating Drupal with our awesome community members every year. Over the years, we have passed some significant milestones. DCM 2017 was a breakthrough year, We had a footfall of above 650 attendees making DrupalCamp Mumbai the largest and the most popular Drupal Camp in India. We had DrupalCon Asia in place of DrupalCamp 2016.  We're are now back with the 7th iteration of Drupal Camp Mumbai - #DCM2018.  

With every year, we are attempting to grow this awesome Drupal Community and we love to continue this trend and give you the best ever DrupalCamp in 2018.

DrupalCamp 2017 was a resounding success with 650+ participants over 2 days. 45+ businesses were represented. Drupal trainings were a big draw. So were expert sessions. 

DCM2018 promises to be even bigger. With Drupal 8 being widely adopted by business, Our focus will be everything around Drupal 8. Besides expert sessions, we are planning sessions interactive workshops around Drupal 8 for developers, designers, CXOs and project managers.

Naturally, the main flavour this time will be to hold a true blue community event with representatives from a multi-faceted collective. The organising committee has been hard at work for the last six odd weeks with a bunch of committed individuals & enthusiasts from Acquia, Axelerant, Capgemini, iKsula, IIT Bombay, QED42, TCS, Srijan, Valuebound. We are also partnering with other open source communities to introduce some exciting workshops geared for Developers, Students, startups and entrepreneurs.

The event will feature the expected DrupalCamp goodness:

- Keynotes from influencers and luminaries in the Drupal community.

- Headline Presentation on the latest buzz around Drupal 8 and the game-changing features.

- Sessions on multiple tracks (DevOps, Biz/Marketing, UX and Front-end+Mobile) and for multiple levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).

- CXO roundtable - where business leaders in the Drupal community can share knowledge and resolve issues with their peers.

- Entrepreneurship Workshops with a focus on how Drupal can be a great choice for startups and entrepreneurs.

- Barcamp-style rapid-fire interactive presentations by anyone who wants to showcase their work, engage with the, ask questions, share knowledge

- Networking with other Drupalers,

- Workshop and Training, such as Drupal in a Day

- Code sprints and Hackathon for Drupal 8 development

- And all the fun in between and after...


Look out for regular updates and reach out to us on:


Twitter: @DrupalMumbai



email: [email protected]


We are looking for more volunteers to come on board and help out. That means you! We need you to help with spreading the word on social media, website, student and college outreach, logistics and more.If you are interested in becoming the part of #DCM2018, Please write to us at [email protected]