4 Ways to Make the Most of Your DCM Participation

DCM Advantage


Strategically located and scheduled, the event being held at India's financial capital will witness the participation of several established business leaders, especially those with a technology focus. Also present at the event will be those entities looking to explore open source solutions. They include those from the government, media, education, NGO sector, and you name it. DCM could be your marked calendar event of the year to network in the region and explore exciting opportunities that emanate of it. Know of any networking tools that might help delegates?


Over the year there will be several workshops and training sessions held across India, but only few can match the trainer insights, talent and teaching experience that you will find from those willing to train at DCM. There will be several students and newcomers of all ages who will be learning along with you. This can further help foster a healthy learning relationships with your peers and other present during the training. If you are keen on building upon the learnings at DCM and forming a study group or even work on roadmap to contribute to the community, we would be happy to assist and collaborate.


Besides the community building initiative, one cannot measure the immense code contributions that come out by bringing the best of minds to an event like DCM. Get face to face with and join brilliant minds, many of them avid code contributors of Drupal core, contrib modules, handbook documentation and more, in a hackathon like environment at DCM. DCM code sprints are expected to generate a lot of code ideas not just from Drupal developers, but also from other open source specialists. Tell us what you would you like to contribute to.


Drupal Camp Mumbai with its carefully-picked schedule will be power-packed with renowned speakers, who will have a lot to offer to the many players in the Drupal ecosystem and the community. Whether you are starting with Drupal or have a niche interest in say- design, theming and usability, or prefer the action around site development and performance, this event is set to make you richer in more ways than one. You can also explore the strategic side of businesses and its growth, through the session shares and Q&A interactions with Drupal pioneers and other global thought-leaders.